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The Detective

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That's Mr. Holmes to you.
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Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself,
but talent instantly recognises genius
~ Arthur Conan Doyle


I am a Canadian female of indiscernible age, caught somewhere between my late 20s and...5.

One of my earliest memories is having a Sign of Four picture-book (based on the Peter O'Toole cartoon) read to me and I have adored Mr. Holmes ever since. Besides Sherlock, I enjoy things relating to Batman, various comic books, Doctor Who, Breaking Bad and The X-Files

When I am not writing or co-writing various webcomics, fanfiction or pretending to be various BBC Sherlock characters on the internet, I study Victorian literature & history with an emphasis on Irish things.

I've been told I don't know how to use a semi-colon; this fact is probably true.

I hate James Joyce with my entire soul and I really want to punch Tim Burton in the creative process.

I devour everything associated with Stephen Fry, who I also hate -- he basically does everything I wish I was able to and better than I could ever hope. I have a weakness for things that are clever, for well-timed hyperbole and hubris.

I am opinionated, judgemental and allergic to internet trolls who feel the need to input just to feel better about themselves (you're not as smart as you think you are). I probably use language that some people find offensive, but I don't care. I may be less sympathetic than I should be, I am a monster without a pot of coffee in the mornings and I like tea and have a ridiculous, ridiculous amount of different sorts.

I've met Benedict Cumberbatch which renders your argument invalid.
DISCLAIMER: I'm not Sherlock Holmes, he's a fictional character.

This is NOT a RP Journal. It's mine.

I'm in no way affiliated with Arthur Conan Doyle's estate, The Sherlock Holmes museum, Mark Gatiss, Steve Moffat, Robert Downey Jr or anyone else who does anything somewhat officially with the character, the films, the BBC series or the upcoming CBS show -- but I love what they all do and contribute to the fandom and I'm sure they're very nice people.

If you've come here looking for my various fandom-related items you won't find them. They'll all be archived by my blogger and found at johnwatson

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