That's Mr. Holmes to you. (sherlockholmes) wrote,
That's Mr. Holmes to you.

Holmestice 2015

So Here is the story I wrote for Holmestice!

One of the creators and writers of this particular Holmes adaptation found my story and left a comment! I was pretty thrilled!

It's the comic series Watson & Holmes featuring Sherlock and Jon reimagined as modern day African Americans living in Harlem. The comic is really good this far and I highly recommend it.

Someone else commented on my story and accused me of cultural appropriation. Because, you see, Sherlock Holmes is part of "European" culture and I'm stealing it for a story about people of colour. So I asked them if they thought "Three and a Half Men" was a part of American Cultural Heritage.

Seriously. That's a thing some person considered a legit intelligent thing to say.
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