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BBC Sherlock RANT POST: I missed these.

Holy Shit. We're a month away from Series 3. I may actually be excited

I've been loving Elementary, and I might be just a little bit exhausted by the rabid corners of the Sherlock fandom (just as the rabid corners of any fandom are, in fact, exhausting) but I like Benedict Cumberbatch, I'm happy to see how everything is resolved and keen on seeing Jim Moriarty's probably-brief additional scenes. So, yay! Welcome back Sherlock, I've missed you.

That said, what I haven't missed is the stupid shit the people involved with the show seem to get off saying, like today's Metro article reporting on Mark Gatiss's comment about how shocked he was that women like Molly Hooper. Of course, given the backlash and crazy over the Mary Morstan casting, I guess the comment makes sense -- but still. I'm just not too thrilled about the implication that liking a character, a male character or the male actor playing said character -- it must automatically mean you'll dislike any females. Not to mention the fact that in general, this women-versus-women mentality is just one that needs to stop forever.

‘You could imagine that the audience might not like her, that maybe the girls who like Benedict [Cumberbatch] might not, but they adore her,’

The article goes on to talk about how people must wonder what women think of Sherlock, claim that there aren't ever any women in the original stories to do the job, and consider Molly the modern woman.

‘They don’t talk much in the original stories. It doesn’t happen much. There’s Irene Adler who he barely meets in the original. There’s Mrs Hudson who just brings tea in.

‘It was fun to have that perspective on him, what would a modern young woman make of this vulnerable monster.’

So I guess they haven't read Sign of Four, Copper Breeches, The Speckled Band, The Solitary Cyclist, The Yellow Face -- and any number of other stories that involve women and their opinions of Sherlock Holmes.

And while I sort of like Molly as a character concept, I'm pretty underwhelmed by how she's been written so far, what she lets Sherlock get away with and that she's being held up by Moffat as the be-all-and-end-all of modern womanhood apparently (we are, after all, all of one shared mind and opinion).

Anyway, we've still got three weeks to go, but I guess hunting season has started early.

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